growing old togetherThe reasons we choose to get married late in life can be very, very different from the things  that motivate us to walk down the aisle when we’re young. Recently, our dear friends Rob and Shelly, who are both in their late seventies, decided after a twenty-year engagement, that it was time to get married.

Shortly after their wedding, my husband and I got together with them to celebrate their union. Two big surprises came out of the time we spent together. The first surprise was Shelly’s rationale for finally saying, “Yes!” after so many years of saying, “Absolutely not!” The second surprise was a touching musical performance by a man who appeared to be suffering with severe symptoms of Parkinson’s.

While it’s true that growing old together can be scary, it’s also possible to experience love, profound caring, and romantic moments that are not inspired by flowers, chocolates, or silky little things from Victoria’s Secret!  If you’re in need of a little inspiration, I’d like to invite you to click on the link to my article: Growing Old Together – Romantic or Scary?