A Husband’s Reflections on Six Years of Caregiving

husband-reflects-caregivingEvery month I write an article for Griswold Home Care’s, “CaringTimes” Blog. This month I interviewed my friend Stan about his six-year experience of caring for his wife Julie through her treatments for cancer and a terrible disease called Amyloidosis.

He shared his reflections and insights into what it was like to lose the closeness and spontaneity he and Julie had enjoyed throughout more than four decades of marriage. He talked about how, in hindsight, he might have done some things differently, and he described adapting to his new “fake” life after Julie’s death.

Stan opened his heart and shared his experience of moving through the grief process. I think his reflections can be helpful to anyone who is in the process of caring for someone with a terminal illness, as well as to anyone who has lost someone they love. I hope you’ll click on the link below to read Stan’s story, and that you’ll share it with anyone you know who may be in a similar situation.

A Husband’s Reflection on Six Years of Caregiving