My friend Charles Schoenfeld, who spent most of his career working as a UPS delivery truck driver, was in his mid-fifties when he started volunteering at the memory care community where his mother lived. When he realized he loved working with people who have Alzheimer’s, he retired from UPS and became a CNA.

A few years ago he wrote the book, “A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Dementia Ward”. This is one of my favorite paragraphs:

“I often heard apologies from the families of those living with Alzheimer’s. People tried desperately to excuse the behavior of a loved one whose mind had been set adrift. I hope this book reaches you. I hope to convey a message There are people who understand. Your loved one, regardless of his or her dementia, is capable of being loved by someone who up until now was a stranger.”

I find it tremendously reassuring to know that regardless of what becomes of us, we are still capable of being loved!