megaphone_stick_figure_400_clr_7145Today’s animated video is the final in the series about caregiver anger. We suggest a variety of actions steps.

You could choose to implement some of the practical strategies, or you could get creative like the “Egg Lady from Iowa” who hurls eggs at the train that passes her farm every afternoon. You could even be like my friend Diane from Montana who relieves her stress by shooting gophers from her second story bedroom window.

The important thing to remember is that caregiver anger is inevitable, but how you respond is not. You have a choice. If you’re feeling mad at the world today, I hope you’ll find 7 minutes to watch this video and then implement the action steps that make the most sense to you.

Tomorrow I will go back to my regular format. There are several more hours of videos about managing the emotional stress of caregiving available on our website. If you would like information about our DVD’s, workbooks or support group packages, please contact me directly at

Click here to watch: Managing Caregiver Anger