IMG_1182A few days ago I met Anne, an Episcopal priest who appears to be nearing 60. She had been a successful business woman and a “Christmas and Easter Christian” until 9/11. On that day, as she watched the horrific events unfold on television she asked over and over again, “What can I do?” Late in the evening she heard a voice say, “Go to church.” That was her call, and it changed her life.

Ten years ago I spoke for 10 minutes at our church on Mother’s Day about mother-daughter relationships. That was the day I got the call to do this work.

I have come to the conclusion that caring for others physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually isn’t something we choose to do. I believe we are called to do it.

I also believe that if you are a caregiver, your eyes are God’s eyes. Your hands are God’s hands, and the work you do is God’s work. Why any of us are called to be caregivers is beyond my imagination or understanding, but I am absolutely certain that God is aware and appreciates every kind thing you do to care for those who so desperately need your help.