Yesterday afternoon Alex and I drove to Tumwater, Washington so I could be ready to start a full-day presentation for the Department of Social and Health Services this morning at 9:00 a.m.

We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant overlooking Tumwater Falls. As I sat there and watched the river, I was mesmerized by how calm and still the water appeared on the surface – until the moment it fell over the edge. Then it tumbled, crashed and splashed in a magnificent display of chaotic energy.

I think the same thing may be true of caregivers when we find ourselves in the midst of a crisis. You think you have everything under control. You are moving along fairly smoothly, and then something happens that sends you tumbling over the edge.

When this happens in a river, we are often transfixed by the beauty and the tremendous energy it creates. I believe we may be a lot like the water in a river, because it seems to me that it is during times of crisis that we are presented with the greatest opportunity for growth and change. You may not be aware of it in the moment, but just like the water, you are being transformed in beautiful and powerful ways.

Our path through caregiving is often scary and it is rarely clear. When we can lean on our faith and believe that we will have the strength and ability to navigate through the rough waters, we may be able to survive the falls and eventually reach a place of calm and peace.