stick_figure_low_battery_400_clr_5225Caregiver School: Session #4

Today we continue the topic of Caregiver Anger. I’m including links to two animated videos about Fatigue, which is the first “F” in the “3-F’s of Flipping Out”. The first video is a very funny short cartoon based on a whacky plan a dear elderly woman shared with me two years ago when I spoke at caregiving conference in Wisconsin.

The second one is almost 9 minutes in length, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee and find a comfy place to rest while you watch it.

Afterward, think about the practical steps you could take to restore your energy. If you don’t have friends or family who can give you a break, and if you don’t have the financial resources to hire help, click on the following link to see if you qualify for free or low cost respite services:
ARCH National Respite Network

Caregivers often feel guilty for needing a break, but taking a little time to get refreshed physically, mentally and emotionally may be one of the best things you will ever do for your care receiver.

Click to watch: Claudia Robs a Bank and Caregiver Fatigue