I am a crammer. I have a tendency to cram too many projects into a day, too many clothes into a suitcase and too many words into this column. In the next eight days I have two speaking engagements and my son’s wedding. House guests from out of state will arrive on Tuesday. It is a fun, happy time, but it will also be exhausting.

That’s why the last two days have been so glorious. I had a speaking engagement on the north end of Seattle on Thursday. I have another one the south end tomorrow, so Alex came with me and we’ve spent two days resting and relaxing in the middle of the city.

We haven’t had a time schedule. (The hotel room doesn’t have a kitchen or a laundry room.) We’ve taken leisurely walks to restaurants. We did a little shopping and took in a play yesterday. It’s been absolutely glorious.

When we get home tomorrow night after a full day presentation and a five hour drive, I will jump into hyper-gear getting prepared for all of the upcoming activities. But today I’m going to continue to rest. We’re going to relax over an extra cup of coffee at breakfast. We’re not going to rush to get anywhere by any particular time. I’m going to take the time to enjoy Alex’s company without hurrying him out the door or pushing him to complete one more task.

When we arrived at the hotel Thursday evening, I felt tired all the way to my bones. Today I am feeling rejuvenated and not the least bit overwhelmed by all of the upcoming activities. That’s the power of respite. My wish for every caregiver is that you could take a couple of days and have a similar experience. Giving your mind and your body a break is necessary. It is also glorious. I think like me, you will discover that when you take the time and make the effort to care for yourself, you will find you have more enthusiasm and energy to share with others.