When my alarm went off at 5:30, I stayed in bed for a few extra minutes and prayed that God would guide the doctor this morning when Alex arrived at the pain management clinic for another round of steroid injections in his back.

The last few treatments haven’t worked. It’s hard to know whether the doctor hasn’t hit the right spot or if Alex’s back has deteriorated to the point that the treatments are no longer going to be effective in alleviating his pain.

I also prayed that I would be guided in keeping our marriage balanced and happy. I asked for help managing the relationships with our children, family members and friends. In addition, I asked for guidance in my speaking and writing.

Maintaining emotional, mental and spiritual equilibrium as we face life’s day-to-day challenges can be tricky. I learned a long time ago (the hard way) that I am not in control of anyone’s life – including my own.

I can do my best to make responsible decisions and good choices, but I understand that there will always be people, situations and circumstances over which I have absolutely no influence, power or control.

This is where faith comes in. I believe when our lives feel bigger than we do, that God will always be there to give us strength and guide us through the storm. So today if you are facing a difficult challenge, I hope you will ask for guidance. If you can relinquish control, quiet your mind and have the patience to listen, you might be surprised by how quickly you are guided to the answer.