I am always delighted when I find humor in unexpected places and situations. On Friday, after getting off the plane in Phoenix, we stopped at Costco before heading to our family reunion in Sedona.

We were buying food for 15 people for 7 days. The list was long, and we were hungry, so we ordered a sandwich and sat down in the cafeteria. We watched watched an older woman limp toward the condiments bar, and commented to each other that the poor old soul was obviously in a lot of pain.

To our surprise, when she turned around, we read the front of her T-shirt. It said, “Smile if you aren’t wearing undies”. Alex and I laughed out loud. We complimented her on the shirt and she said her sister sends her funny T-shirts all the time. Her favorite one says, “Dear God, If you can’t make me skinny, please make my friends fat”.

Yesterday we walked through a high-end shopping area called Tlaquepaque. The sculptures, paintings, blown glass and ceramics are some of the finest artwork you will see anywhere. Guess which pieces captured our hearts?

photo 1The title of the frog is “The Kiss”. It reminded me of the saying, “Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a prince.” The one of the three hogs is called “Hog Wash”. The woman who created this sculpture actually lived on a farm, and one hot summer day she looked out her window and saw three of her hogs experiencing absolute bliss under a garden hose.

My dear friend Jake French became a quadriplegic on his 23rd birthday when a friend who’d had too much to drink put Jake into a full nelson wrestling hold. The friend lost his balance and they both fell. Jake said he heard his neck break when he hit the ground. His mother quit her job as a teacher to become his full-time caregiver.

photo 2Jake is now 28. He is he author of the book “Life Happens – Live it” and he is a motivational speaker. He says he always thought at this age he would probably be taking frequent showers with a woman – he just never expected the woman would be his mother.

Humor helps us find the light side in tragedy and the magic in ordinary moments. Today I hope you will find something that tickles your funny bone and lightens whatever load you are carrying.