OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a new itch that just has to be scratched. I’ve been thinking about writing a play for a number of years, and recently scenes from it have started waking me up in the early morning hours whispering, “It’s time. Write me!”

I have learned if I don’t listen to the voices in my head when they are whispers that they eventually they turn into screams that will not let me rest. So for the next few months my “Word of the Day” will be “encore” posts. I will also be upgrading and increasing the content on our website, CaregiverHelp.com, so please be sure to visit there if you are in need of more information or support.

Even though I may not be in touch with you every day for a while, know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. And today, if your inner muse is stirring your spirit and causing you to experience a creative itch, I hope you’ll do whatever you need to do to scratch it.

If you have specific questions or comments, you can always contact me directly at elaine@EKSanchez.com.