Caregiver School: Session 7

yell_at_earth_pc_400_clr_1907In today’s video I “become” my mother and reenact an event in which she got really mad at my dad.

As you watch this story unfold, you will probably see how the “3 – F’s of Flipping Out” impacted her behavior. I believe fatigue, fear and frustration had a lot more to do with her anger than my dad’s actions.

There are many complicating factors that contribute to caregiver anger. If you can understand and forgive Madelyn (my mother) for getting mad, I hope you will also be able to cut yourself a little slack the next time you lose it.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll wrap up the subject of caregiver anger with an animated video that offers action steps that might help you understand and cope with the people, situations and events that are the most upsetting to you.

If you know anyone who is struggling with caregiver anger, please share this link: Madelyn Gets Mad