IMG_1259As Alex and have gone through the last few months, we’ve discovered that in the middle of a health crises there are a lot of things that are important, necessary and required. It’s important to get good medicare care. It’s necessary to be your own advocate. And sometimes you are required to be relentless (even pushy) in order to get the help you need.

We’ve also discovered how much kindness matters. Friends and family members have called, sent cards, and brought food. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff have lifted our spirits and helped us through difficult moments just by being kind.

I stumbled across a video yesterday about kindness and I wanted to share it with you. If you are feeling that there isn’t much hope for humanity, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch these acts of kindness that were accidentally caught on camera. It may not seem like a big deal when you are helping someone else, but when you are vulnerable because of age, illness, pain or exhaustion, kindness matters more than almost anything else.

Click this link to watch a video that will restore your faith in humanity: Kindness Matters