IMG_1224Last night I wrote a farewell letter to a business associate/friend who is dying with pancreatic cancer. I don’t know how to explain or make sense of the fact that Chuck, who is a wonderful husband, father and all around good guy will die in his mid-sixties when his life is really, really good. It’s also a mystery to me why people who are in their 80’s and 90’s and longing for death can’t seem to find their way out of this world.

Death is the final mystery, and knowing that someone we care about is nearing that threshold is deeply upsetting. Accepting that death is inevitable is scary, and starting a farewell conversation is uncomfortable, but if you can push past your own fear and tell the people you care about what you want them to know while they are still alive, it will be easier to come to a place of peace and acceptance after they are gone.

What happens beyond the grave may be a mystery, but our feelings toward another person shouldn’t be. So today, if there are people you care about who are approaching the end of their lives, say what you want to say, because you may never get another chance to fill their hearts and bring comfort to their souls.