IMG_1299Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people overcome addiction by focusing on abstinence “One day at a time”. I think this philosophy can also be helpful to caregivers.

If we allow ourselves to think about everything that has already happened and what still might happen, it could easily overwhelm us. So today, instead of dwelling on the pain and losses of the past and projecting what could happen in the future, I’d like for you to narrow your focus to the number one.

If you have a mess to clean up, think of it as one mess. If you have a lot of projects that need to get done, make a list and cross them off one at a time.

It’s possible that tomorrow may be better. It could also be worse. So if today is a good day, be grateful and enjoy it. If it’s a bad day, take comfort in knowing that it’s just one day. Trust that you will have the wisdom and the strength to get through it, especially if you just focus on going forward one step at a time.