We went to visit our priest in the hospital yesterday. He’s there because of an obstructed bowel. (There’s nothing fun about that!) We dropped in for just a few minutes to give him some flowers and a word of encouragement. He’s been in a great deal of discomfort and hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything for more than 48 hours. He looked miserable, but he still had a sense of humor. As we were leaving, he said, “This too shall pass.”

I said, “With any luck at all!” We all laughed. Our priest’s wife then told us about how one of their 93 year-old parishioners had inspired them when she came down with a terrible case of shingles. They’d gone to visit her and were wishing they could do something to help her .

The older woman told them, “My favorite quote from the Bible is, ‘It came to pass’”. She said, “The Bible does not say ‘It came to stay’; it says, ‘It came to pass’”.

I love that thought! Today as you face the ongoing challenges of caring for someone who cannot care for him/herself, try thinking, “It came to pass.” Understand that whatever crisis you are facing in this moment is temporary. It won’t last forever. You will have the strength, courage and ability to get through it, and one day the pain and struggles you are dealing with right now will all be behind you.