“I refuse to gratify the devil by becoming discouraged.” This is a quote from last Sunday’s sermon. I’ve been thinking about this statement for the last few days, and I’ve discovered I love the word “Refuse”. There’s so much power in it.

When you’re a caregiver, it takes a lot of effort to stay positive. There are a lot of events and situations over which you have absolutely no control. It isn’t unusual to experience crushing disappointments and unbelievably difficult challenges on a regular basis.

However, regardless of what happens, regardless of how many things we can’t control, we always have the power to choose how we will think and how we will respond to any situation. We have the power to accept, and we have the power to refuse certain things.

Here’s my “Refuse” list:

I refuse to focus on the things that are wrong in my life rather than all of the things that are right.

I refuse to spend time with people who are negative, mean spirited or small minded.

I refuse to put any age restrictions on what I can still learn and accomplish.

I refuse to think that just because I’m just one person I can’t make a difference.

I refuse to believe I’m not strong enough to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

If there’s something you’d like to add to the list, I hope you’ll share it. And remember, we’re collecting caregiver stories. If you’d like to share yours, go to the link below and tell us about your experience.