It was a rainy week in Oregon. I spent every day inside at my computer working on a very large project. Late yesterday afternoon my brain was telling me to keep my head down and keep working. However, my emotional energy was low after hearing that my friend Sally has a brain tumor, and my soul was telling me I needed something positive, beautiful and energizing.

When the sun broke through the clouds, I made a quick decision. I turned off the computer, put on my walking shoes, grabbed my husband and we headed for one of our favorite parks.

There are three things that I can always count on to restore my soul: nature, exercise and time with Alex. We walked a couple of miles and took dozens of photos of spring flowers. Taking time to breathe in the fresh air, stretch our limbs and appreciate beauty was like taking a mini vacation. All along our walk as we snapped one photo after another, we recalled how most of the plants had died back during the winter. In January there was no evidence of the life force that was at work under the ground or in the bare branches of the trees and bushes.

I hope it’s spring where you live. If so, try to get outside today. Even a ten minute walk around the block can help energize a tired body. And when you take a little time to witness and reflect on the miracle of life renewing itself, it might help give you the spiritual boost you need to keep going.