IMG_1213Alex will be having back surgery today. Finally! It’s taken a tremendous amount of effort to stay positive through this long and painful ordeal. We know the recovery process will take time, but we are feeling hopeful and staying optimistic. Humor helps. For the last several weeks Alex has been sharing a take-off on Dr. Seuss’s poem, “The Cat in the Hat” with doctors, medical staff and friends. It’s irreverent and silly, but it’s kept us both laughing. Today is his birthday, so in celebration I’m going to share it with you:

The Cat in the Hat on Aging

I cannot see
I cannot pee
I cannot chew
I cannot screw
Oh, my God, what can I do?”
My memory shrinks
My hearing stinks
No sense of smell
I look like hell
My mood is bad – can you tell?
My body’s drooping
Have trouble pooping
The Golden Years have come at last
The Golden Years can kiss my ass!

Here’s to wishing Alex an excellent outcome on his surgery, a happy birthday and many, many years free of debilitating pain!