A week ago today my friend Sally had difficulty writing a message in an Easter card. On Saturday her husband was alarmed when she started acting spacey and driving erratically. Sunday morning they went to the ER. Her MRI revealed a brain tumor that looks like a large fried egg. She’s scheduled for surgery this coming Wednesday, and the doctor says she’ll need chemotherapy after that.

Sally is 59. She’s beautiful and intelligent. She’s always eaten right and exercised regularly.

Sally, her husband and all of their family and friends are stunned. None of us know what the outcome will be. We are all concerned for her, and I suspect most of us are thinking, “This could happen to me.”

Today I’m going to spend some time examining my priorities. I’m going think about how I’m spending my time and energy. I’m going to make the effort to reconnect with a few people, but mostly I’m going to reflect on the importance of relationships and how beautiful, fragile and temporary life can be.