Have you ever cast your eyes toward heaven and cried out, “I don’t get it! What’s happening here? What is the lesson I’m supposed to be learning from all of this?”

I have sought answers in this manner numerous times, and I have yet to receive a clear, concise response from God. I have, however, come to the conclusion that we generally experience the greatest mental and spiritual growth when we are facing insurmountable problems and coping with crushing defeats.

Today I’d like for you to think about the challenges you have faced and the problems you have already overcome. Then let the knowledge that you survived those past problems provide you with the confidence that you will find the strength and courage to keep going now.

Trust in your ability to make good decisions. Trust that you will know when it’s time to reach out and get more help. And trust as you go through these difficult times, that you are not alone. God may not answer your cries for help in a manner that you can hear and understand, but I believe when you are caring for someone who cannot care for him/herself, your hands become God’s hands. Your heart becomes God’s dwelling place, and your words become God’s message of hope, comfort and love.

If you can embrace that idea, instead of demanding an answer from God, maybe you could take a moment to see how God is working through you. Give thanks for the knowledge that you can always trust God to be with you – even in the silence.