IMG_1369Although I have always appreciated the spectacular colors of the changing leaves and the cool, crisp afternoons of fall, I generally experience a tinge of sadness as the days get shorter. The moment fall arrives, I usually start dreading the onset of winter.

My view of fall this year is different. Last week, Chuck, a friend/business associate about my age, died after a very brief illness with pancreatic cancer. His death reminded me that time is precious and life is fleeting.

I wish we would get stronger, smarter and better looking as we age, but since that isn’t the case, I think the older we get, the more important it is to appreciate each moment and value each relationship. All we have is right now, and if we’re smart, we’ll live this day to the fullest, because no matter how hard we wish, there is no way to turn the clock back. And wouldn’t it be a tragic shame to wish away a single day, or an entire winter only wake up and discover that we’re not going to get another one.