Focus to Reduce Caregiver Stress
and Avoid Multi-Tasker Disasters

Sweet treat to reduce caregiver stress

As Christmas approaches caregiver stress increases. When pressure builds, it’s not unusual to have a series of multi-tasker disasters . We lock our keys in the car. We forget an appointment, or we burn dinner. It happens when we are occupying our hands with one task and thinking about everything else that needs to get accomplished.

When you add the emotional stress of caregiving to the stress of decorating, sending cards, preparing meals and buying gifts, it’s no wonder that we become scattered and disorganized.

If you have more projects than time, and if your “To Do” list is creating more stress than organization, take a deep breath. And then take another one. Give yourself a little time-out and focus on what’s most important. Determine what has to be done, and let the rest go. Forget perfection and cut yourself a little slack. If you can keep your hands, heart and mind all working together, you will be less likely to experience an emotional meltdown or physical illness. You might even be able to enjoy a little peace and joy during the holidays. That would certainly be a well-deserved sweet treat!