Letters from Madelyn – Chapter 12
“Annie’s Graduation Letter”

Caregiver FlexibilityCaregiver flexibility is a must when you are caring for a person who is aging, chronically ill or disabled. An ordinary activity like a trip to the store, a visit to the doctor’s office, or going out for lunch can quickly turn into a complicated ordeal.

In today’s episode of “Letters from Madelyn” my mother describes how Dad ruined a shopping trip for her. She describes the events and her frustration, but she doesn’t let a series of little disasters totally destroy her day. She also shares a high school graduation letter she sent to my daughter Annie in which she reminisces about her own teenaged years. She envies Annie’s youth and opportunities, but she also says it’s thrilling to know that as long as a person has a good mind, there is no age limit on how much they can learn and grow.

Today if your plans get side-railed, if your schedule gets highjacked, and if it seems that everyone else has more control over your time and activities than you do, try to let go of your frustration. Imagine being like Gumby, the cartoon character who has the ability to shift his shape and travel to any place and any time in the present, past or future. When we can’t control people, situations or events, Gumby-like caregiver flexibility may be the key to survival.

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