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Caregiver Support for Creative Indifference

Step 1 of Caregiver Support for Creative Indiffernece

Watch Intro for Creative Indifference

Introducing Caregivers to the three steps of developing an Attitude of Creative Indifference.

Following this three-step process toward the emotional stress of caregiving can help avoid caregiver burnout. The first step is to become Aware of the people, situations, events, and situations that are upsetting to you.
The second step is to Accept that there are a lot of complex and complicating factors involved in caring for aging parents, stroke survivors, or individuals who have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other progressive and degenerative disease that make the job of caregiving incredibly stressful.

The third step is to take Action. If you are in a position where you do have power, influence or control over a problem, make a plan and take care of it. If you do NOT have any control over the situation, your best choice may be to release your attachment to the outcome.

Step number 3

Action Step - Getting Started

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