Letters from Madelyn – Chapter 13
“Things That Get Wrecked”

Caregiver transitions - balancing mind and heart

Managing caregiver transitions is extraordinarily difficult. Few things are more heartbreaking than witnessing the daily decline of your husband.

How do you manage the pain that comes with the loss of his abilities? How do you stay connected when his thinking processes become so impaired that he can’t be trusted to do the simplest tasks? How do you maintain your patience when it takes him forever to shuffle from one room to another? How can you enjoy a meal together when he struggles to get food onto his fork and then into his mouth?

I believe there is very little in life that can hurt us as much as losing someone we love bit by bit. I also believe there comes a point where we have to accept that our loved one is never going to get better. This is a caregiver transition point. Once we’re there, we recognize that in order to survive, we must learn to balance the feelings in our heart with the logic of our minds.

In this episode of “Letters from Madelyn”, my mother writes about being repulsed by my father’s actions and appearance. She doesn’t know anything about caregiver transitions, but she does know that she needs to tap into sources that will provide her with mental and spiritual inspiration every day so she can keep her emotions in balance.

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