Celebrate the Gifts Caregivers Share
Every Day of the Year

Caregivers as Christmas could be a difficult time for you, but I hope you’ll recognize that a caregiver’s spirit of giving brings love, hope and healing to those who cannot care for themselves.

Last week we attended our grandson’s high school symphonic choir concert. The director is a young, handsome man, who obviously inspires his students to excellence. Every eye in the 100+ member choir was on him, and there was absolute joy on each face.

Toward the end of the concert, which featured both traditional Christmas carols and secular holiday songs, the director said he knew there were people of many different faiths in the audience. He quoted one student who said, “I don’t think it really matters what or how you worship. If you believe in peace and love, I think you can celebrate Christmas.”

If you are caring for someone who is ill or aged, you may not be in much of a celebratory mood. Parties, presents and festivities might even make you feel sadder and more depressed than usual. I hope you will remember that as a caregiver, when you find the compassion in your heart to care for people who are aged, ill or disabled, you are bringing light into darkness. I believe that is the message and meaning of Christmas, and something that we should celebrate every single day of the year.