Letters from Madelyn – Chapter 19
“Madelyn Remembers Quentin”

Caregiver Loss and GriefCoping with loss and grief is something most caregivers have to do over and over again as they witness the progressive decline of a loved one.

In today’s episode of “Letters from Madelyn” my mother once again decides to control her thinking, which was always her default strategy for coping with loss and grief,

Even though she’s disgusted with Dad’s table manners, worn out with his incontinence, and repulsed by his appearance, she comes to a place of loving peace by remembering the man he’d been before he had the stroke.

I cannot begin to count the number of times I heard her say, “As long as I have the ability to reason and to think, I will have the power to control my attitude toward any person, thing or event.”

Because of this attitude, she found peace and joy in a place where most people would only see loss and sadness.

Today I hope you’ll recall a positive memory, an admirable characteristic or quality your care receiver had before he/she got ill. Letting these thoughts generate a happy feeling won’t change your situation, but it may help heal your heart and give you the emotional energy you need to get through the day.

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