How to Help Your Kids When They Become Caregivers

elder law attorneys to the rescueAccording to a 2015 study by AARP Institute for Public Policy and the National Caregiving Alliance, there are nearly 44 million people in the US who are providing unpaid care for loved one who cannot care for themselves.

Our mental image of a typical caregiver is an older woman who is caring for a husband. Surprisingly, the average age is 49. Sixty percent of all caregivers are female, forty percent are male, and nearly half of them are caring for an aging parent or parent-in-law.

We saw this play out in our own family last month when four of our eight children found themselves in the midst of a caregiving crisis. Three kids were dealing with aging parents (not us, thank goodness) and my son Robert was suddenly thrown into the role of caregiver when his wife of almost two years was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I write an article every month for CaringTimes, Griswold Home Care’s blog. This month’s story is about our daughter-in-law Mare, and how elder law attorneys helped her manage a situation that was rapidly spinning out of control.

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