Welcome to Caregiver Help’s Facilitator’s Guide

Because CaregiverHelp.com is a video-based program, it is simple to use. The content, based on real-life caregiving stories, is original and upbeat. The 3-step process of Developing an Attitude of Creative Indifference provides focus and continuity. The lists of open-ended questions help the facilitator coach attendees and empower them to make decisions about how they can best cope with the emotional stress of caregiving and develop a personal plan for self-care.

Easy to follow instructions

There are 7 modules and 10 sessions. Every module has an introductory video that describes the topic and establishes the goal for each session. A comprehensive downloadable pdf provides step-by-step written instructions along with lists of open-ended questions that will help guide attendees through the program.

Flexible Delivery

Depending on where your support group meets and the availability of the Internet and video equipment, you can choose to:

1. Play the videos in a group setting and distribute the Journal/Worksheets during each session.


2. Ask support group attendees to view the videos on their computers or mobile devices, print their own Journal/Worksheets and bring them to the meeting where the time will be spent in discussion.

Content Rich

Depending on the size of your group and the length of each meeting, it could take several weeks or several months to cover the seven starter modules. New content will be added on a regular basis, so there will always be something new to spark conversation.