How Saying Goodbye to a Loved Can Help Ease Grief After Death”

Female Caregiver Consoling Senior WomanSaying goodbye to a loved one can be uncomfortable, but when you find the courage to say what’s in your heart, it ends up being a gift to the person who is dying. It can also make your grieving process after death a lot less painful.

I have attached a link to an article I wrote for Griswold Home Care’s CaringTimes Blog. “The Gift of Saying Goodbye to a Loved One” is about how the death of our dog taught me about the pain of regret. It also motivated me to fly to Kansas at Christmastime 2001, so I could say goodbye to my mother.

Knowing that someone you love doesn’t have long to live is heartbreaking, but it can also be a blessing. Having open and honest conversations can help alleviate fears. It gives you a chance to express love and to share memories. It also gives you the opportunity to forgive and to be forgiven. You will never regret telling someone you loved what you want them to know while they still have the ability to hear it.

It was Christmastime, 2001 when I went back to Kansas, but the memory of that one special night with my mother feels as fresh and as precious to me as if it had happened last week. I hope you’ll find the time to read my article.

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