Letters from Madelyn – Chapter 2
“Grandma Tells It Like It Is”

Caregiver Tough Love

In Chapter 2 of “Letters from Madelyn”, my mother writes a “howler” letter to my son Eric on his 18th birthday, and she dishes out a healthy dose of caregiver tough love. (As I may have mentioned earlier, Mom never sugar-coated anything!)

I had gone through a horrendous divorce and a devastating job loss. My kids and I were all in a state of sorrow and confusion. As my mother was adjusting to her new role as a caregiver, she was also doing everything she could to emotionally support my struggling family.

Caregivers don’t live in a bubble. Often people who are caring for a loved one are also working a job and raising a family. You can’t always be kind, sweet and supportive. Sometimes you have to tell it like it is.

If you have ever held your tongue and just thought about what you would like to say, I hope you’ll listen to this episode to see how Madelyn was not only a caregiver, but also a caring mother and grandmother who was not afraid to dish out a healthy dose of caregiver tough love.

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