Letters from Madelyn – Chapter 6
“Oh Poop!”

Caregiver hanging on for life

Adapting to caregiving and all of the dreary tasks involved with caring for someone who can no longer care for himself can be extraordinarily difficult.

In this episode of “Letters from Madelyn”, after my father has struggled with uncontrollable diarrhea for more than three weeks, Madelyn realizes that she has to make some adjustments. She does several things that I have included on my list of Caregiver Survival Tips:

1. She comes up with a plan to make the house more handicap accessible

2. She releases her fear of the things over which she has no control when she decides to “Let go and let God”

3. She exercises regularly

4. She concentrates on developing her flower garden because she knows it is imperative to have something beautiful in her life

5. She writes about her feelings

I think the thing that impresses me the most is the fact that in the face of incredibly challenging circumstances, she maintains a positive attitude and a sense of humor. If you are feeling overwhelmed today by your caregiving responsibilities, I hope you’ll find the time to listen to this chapter.

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