Caregiver Help Photo of a Pink RoseWe are grieving the loss of our son’s-in-law sister Sally. She died this morning after a long and valiant battle with cancer. She will be missed terribly by her family, friends and community.

Facing our own mortality is not easy, but Sally did it with incredible grace and dignity. When she knew there was no hope for a medical cure, she took control of the remainder of her life. She went into Hospice care knowing that they would help her manage her pain. Unable to digest food, she did agree to a feeding tube that provided nourishment long enough for her to get her affairs in order, spend a long weekend with her extended family at the Oregon Coast, and have intimate time at home with her husband, daughter and their dogs. Last week she had the feeding tube removed. On Saturday morning she sent happy emails and photos to her brothers and mother. That afternoon she slipped into a coma.

Sally was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 13 years ago. She lived a lot longer than anyone would have predicted. She accepted the fact that she was mortal, and she believed that every day should be lived with gratefulness and enthusiasm. Sally met death peacefully, and in doing so, she reminded all of us of the importance of appreciating each day and living our lives fully.

If you are having a tough day today, I hope you’ll look around and find something that makes you feel grateful and happy to be alive. When we