Online, in Person, or Self-Paced

We help organizations facilitate organized, consistent, & uplifting support group meetings.

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In-Person Meetings

  • Create a caregiver community
  • Focused discussion
  • Meaningful Outcomes

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Virtual Meetings

  • Reach homebound caregivers
  • Unlimited participants
  • No geographic restrictions

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  • Available 24-7 online
  • Access to all content
  • CaregiverHelp Workbook

Story-Based Content • Focused Agendas • Flexible Delivery

Tender stories that…

Touch the Heart


“Look at Me: A Poem for Caregivers”

Example from Module 4:
Giving Caregiver Guilt the Boot


Real life stories that…

Tickle the Funny Bone


“Claudia Robs a Bank to Escape Caregiving”

Example from Module 1:
Getting Started

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Candid stories that…

Inform and Educate


“3 Steps to Developing an Attitude of Creative Indifference”

Example from Module 2:
Three F’s of Flipping Out:
Fear, Frustration & Fatigue

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Real-Life Caregiver Stories keep caregivers engaged and coming back week after week.

What are people saying about Elaine’s events:

“Amazing!” “Awesome!” and “She made me feel better about the way I handled things,’ are just a few of the many glowing evaluations we received from event participants about Elaine and her presentation.”
Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr., President & CEO Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.
“She is a professional at personalizing the virtual experience unlike any other speaker I have ever worked with…”
Sharyn Fein, Executive Director EDUCARE, a Non-Profit Corporation
Not only did we gain valuable insights into our clients’ lives as we are helping them through the process, but Elaine also gave us ways of dealing with guilt and anger in our own personal relationships.
Kelley Johnson Senior Living Advisor, Senior One Source
I’ve had a great relationship with Elaine since 2017, having her present signature events, quarterly webinars, and leading a Caregiver Support Group for the last couple of years. Recently, I’ve worked with Elaine on a COVID-19 Support Group and it’s great to see her expertise, patience, and experience shine in the new format.
Jenny Business Project Program Manager for a Fortune 10 company
Ms. Elaine became a soothing voice in my ear every night before going to sleep! I recommend her videos to family members and professional caregivers alike!
Betty Ann Petit Khan, Caregiver Atlanta, GA
This website is a source of wisdom, strength, comfort, and encouragement. Many of the videos are highly entertaining, which is so helpful when we need a laugh and some perspective.
Linda Nelson, Caregiver, Salem, OR
Elaine speaks with vast experience, and I always look forward to reading whatever she writes. Very professional and very human. She stands out like a beacon in a storm.
Derek Fisher House Manager for Jewish Blind and Disabled, London, England
This website makes each step of the caregiver’s experience a little kinder with the mix of knowledge, experience, and levity this difficult journey requires,
Charles Schoenfeld, Author, Speaker
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Caregivers learn that they are not alone, and feel safe to participate.