• Part keynote, part one-woman play, author and caregiver speaker, Elaine K Sanchez shares her mother’s spiritual journey through six-and-a-half years of caring for her husband following his debilitating stroke. Inspired by the letters in her unflinchingly honest and surprisingly funny book, “Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver,”  Elaine takes viewers on a pilgrimage that begins at a point of lightning-strike irreverence. It progresses through Madelyn’s exploration into metaphysics, Eastern religions, flower essence and the practice of Reiki, and it ends with her developing a profound, personal, and trusting relationship with God. Yes!  Please send Elaine’s DVD, “So God, What are WE going to do today?” . . . A Caregiver’s Spiritual Journey through Love, Loss, and Life.

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  • 3 DVD’s with 4 ½ hours of entertaining, engaging and inspirational video and 28-page Caregiver Survival Workbook will help you:
    • Cope with caregiver anger, guilt, depression, and grief
    • Manage dementia-related challenging behaviors
    • Create a personalized caregiver survival plan
    This comprehensive caregiver support program helps family and professional caregivers understand and cope with the emotional stress of caregiving. 

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    • Over 4 ½ hours of Entertaining, Informative, and Transformational Videos
    • Comprehensive 68 Page, Easy-to-Use Facilitator’s Guide helps caregivers:
      • Tame the Anger Monster
      • Give Guilt the Boot
      • Deal with Depression
      • Move Through Grief
      • Manage Dementia-Related Challenging Behaviors
      • Develop a Self-Care Plan

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  • 28-Page Workbook provides a three- step process that helps caregivers:
    • Become AWARE of and cope with negative feelings
    • ACCEPT that there are a multitude of contributing and complicating factors involved in caring for others
    • Determine when to take ACTION and when to let go   

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  • When Madelyn Kubin’s husband suffered a debilitating stroke, her health was failing, and she had limited financial resources. In order to cope with her loneliness, isolation, and the stress of caregiving, she frequently went to her computer, disengaged her emotional monitor and wrote letters to her daughter about everything she was experiencing and exactly how she felt about it. Unflinchingly honest and surprisingly funny, Madelyn’s letters validate every caregiver’s experience with anger, guilt, depression, and grief, and demonstrate that even in the very worst end-of-life situations, it is possible to find peace and happiness from within. Yes! Please send me an autographed copy of Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver

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