Caregiver Help DVD Program


3 DVD’s with 4 ½ hours of entertaining, engaging and inspirational video and 28-page Caregiver Survival Workbook will help you:

  • Cope with caregiver anger, guilt, depression, and grief
  • Manage dementia-related challenging behaviors
  • Create a personalized caregiver survival plan

This comprehensive caregiver support program helps family and professional caregivers understand and cope with the emotional stress of caregiving. 




What’s funny about caregiving? Absolutely nothing!!! But it’s entirely too difficult to take seriously all of the time.

Anger, Guilt. Depression, and Grief are all part of the caregiver’s journey. Nothing will ever make caring for someone who is aging, chronically ill, or disabled easy, but Elaine’s real life stories and experiences allow others to recognize that they are not alone and that it is okay to laugh about some of the our most difficult challenges.

This program provides a three step process that will help you develop an “Attitude of Creative Indifference” toward the people, situations, and events that are the most upsetting. It will reduce your emotional stress and help you maintain the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength you will need to care for those who cannot care for themselves over an extended period of time.

Making your physical self-care a priority and learning to recognize and honor your feelings cannot only help improve your physical and emotional well-being, it can also have a significant impact on the quality of care you will be able to provide to your care receivers.

Sample Videos:

Managing Caregiver Fatigue: Claudia Robs a Bank

Finding Peace and Joy from Within: “…and for this I take VITAMINS?!!!”

Caregiver Guilt: What a Trip!

DVD Set – $69.95 ($120 value!)

3 DVD’s – 4 ½ hours of entertaining, engaging and inspirational video

28 – page Caregiver Survival Workbook


DVD Details

DVD #1 Caregiver Anger

Anger is an emotion frequently experienced by most caregivers. Caregiver speaker and author Elaine K Sanchez incorporates true stories from her book, “Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver,” along with a series of entertaining and engaging animated videos that address some of the reasons caregivers get angry, including the 3-F’s of Flipping Out: Fatigue, Fear and Frustration.

This course will help you:

  • Understand that you are not alone
  • Accept that having negative feelings doesn’t make you a bad person
  • Develop an “Attitude of Creative Indifference” toward the people, situations, and events that make you angry
  • Relieve emotional stress
  • Avoid caregiver burnout

DVD #2 Caregiver Guilt, Depression, Grief (1 hour 27 minutes)

Overcoming Caregiver GUILT:

The dictionary defines guilt as a feeling of having done something wrong or having failed in an obligation. Elaine believes it is often a controlling and cruel emotion that is inflicted on caregivers who haven’t done anything wrong.

This course will help you:

  • Identify the behavior of the guilt-trippers in your life
  • Stop accepting the responsibility for managing other people’s feelings
  • Change your emotional vocabulary
  • Develop a plan to stand up for yourself
  • Take power away from your guilt-trippers
  • Stop feeling guilty when you haven’t done anything wrong

Working Through Caregiver Depression and Grief:

The emotional and physical symptoms of depression and grief are so similar that Elaine Sanchez often refers to them as the “evil twins of caregiving”. In this course, you will learn to identify the differences between reactionary depression and clinical depression, as well as the differences between preparatory grief and grief after death.

You will come away with an understanding of the types of situations that lead to caregiver depression and grief along with strategies for honoring your feelings and caring for yourself while you work your way through the losses and emotional pain associated with caring for individuals who are aging, disabled, or have progressive, degenerative, and terminal diseases.

This course will help you:

  • Identify the physical and emotional symptoms of depression and grief
  • Take steps that will help you overcome reactionary depression
  • Recognize the symptoms of clinical depression and understand when medical intervention is necessary
  • Develop strategies for coping with continuous and ongoing losses
  • Take steps to manage the grieving process after someone dies

DVD #3: Sex & Other Dementia-Related Surprises and Caregiver Self-Care

This course features Elaine’s TEDX Talk, which includes the hilarious and heart-warming true story of her dad (a stroke survivor) asking Elaine’s mother to arrange a sex-date for him with the girl he had taken to his high school senior prom in 1937. In addition, she shares a number of other true stories, some tender, sweet, and funny, and some tragic and heartbreakingly sad about how family members and professional caregivers have responded inappropriately to surprising sexual activity among people who have cognitive disorders and dementia-related diseases.

This course will help you:

  • Understand ways in which dementia-related diseases can impact a person’s personality and behavior
  • Gain insights into why people with cognitive impairments often display surprising and inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Develop personal and professional policies for responding to sexual desires and actions expressed by individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases
  • Identify unmet needs that may result in a variety of challenging behaviors
  • Implement strategies that will help improve communication and deescalate tense situations.

Sex & Other Dementia-Related Surprises

Caregivers experience an extraordinary amount of stress.  In order to maintain your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, you must learn to take care of yourself.

This course will help you:

  • Understand that self-care is not selfish
  • Identify steps you can take to reduce stress and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Develop a personalized plan for self-care

If you don’t laugh, cry, learn, and love this product, send it back for a full refund.

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