Basic Instructions for

Caregiver Support Online and How it Works

Step 1 of Caregiver Support for Self Care

Navigating Caregiver Modules

arw_lThe Navigation Menu is on the left side of every page. Each module and session is numbered and titled by topic. When you click on a module, the box turns dark blue. That’s how you can tell where you are in the program.

Step 2 of Caregiver Support Getting Started

Download Workbook PDF

Completing the steps for each session is as easy as following “1,2,3”.nubr-inst

Step number 3

Watch the Videos

scrnsEvery module contains multiple videos. Click the  arrow in the center of the screen to start watching.

If you want to watch it full-screen, click on the small square located on the bottom right-hand corner of the video. When you’re finished, click “Escape” to exit full-screen mode and return to the module.


Caregiver Speaker, Elaine K Sanchez, and Dr. Alex Sanchez welcome visitors to free online caregiver support.

Step Number 4

Download and Print PDFs Test.pdf (Click Me!)

Printable Journal Worksheets can be downloaded, saved, and printed. To download the Workbook PDF, click on the document title or the PDF icon.

IMPORTANT: The PDF will open in a new window or tab in your browser.

Action Step - Survival Plan