Virtual Support Groups

Looking for a way to bring your caregivers together when they can’t safely meet in person?

Would you like to offer regularly scheduled support group meetings that make your caregivers feel validated, connected, and supported?

Due to COVID 19, it isn’t possible to meet in a room, but it is possible to bring caregivers together virtually, in the safety of their own home or office. You can provide them with original, uplifting, and hopeful content, along with meaningful, and supportive interaction with other caregivers online.

Elaine Sanchez customizes support group programs to meet the specific needs and schedule for a variety of groups and organizations.

The following examples will give you an idea of how she can help you create an innovative program that will keep your caregivers coming back time after time:


Live, Interactive Support Group + Written Article

  • Elaine writes an article and emails it to a group moderator a week prior to the support group call
  • She then facilitates a 60-minute Webex audio support group conversation

(Elaine is doing this twice a month for Aetna and CVS employees. All events are private and by invitation only.)

Video – On-Going Support:

Regularly Scheduled Live, Interactive Zoom Support Group Meetings + Pre-Recorded Videos

  • Elaine produces a short video for the members of the support group to watch one week prior to the meeting
  • The client care manager emails a link to the video, along with the invitation to the Zoom meeting to the members of her support group
  • Elaine facilitates the 60-minute, live Zoom meeting
  • Elaine’s offers the option of meeting management and technical support

(Elaine is using this model with WACOG––Western Arizona Council of Governments. These events provide an opportunity for caregivers in a sparsely populated region of Western Arizona to connect face-to-face and develop supportive relationships with other family and professional caregivers.)

Video – Limited Series:

Customized Topics, Live, Interactive Zoom Support Group

  • Elaine produces a series of instructional pre-recorded videos
  • Each week, for up to six weeks, she sends the meeting planner a link to a new 15 to 30-minute video
  • The meeting planner sends the link to the members of her caregiver support group
  • Elaine facilitates a 60-minute live, interactive Zoom call with the caregivers
  • Technical support is optional

(Elaine is using this model for a 5-week series with Del Oro Caregiver Resources in California.)

Additional Options:

If you are working with little or even no budget, Elaine can still provide support your caregivers:

  • DVDs: Caregiver Survival Training Series, includes 4+hours of videos plus a downloadable PDF of Elaine’s 28-page Caregiver Survival Guide Workbook. Click here to view: Caregiver Survival Training DVD Set
  • FREE––Caregiver Survival Course on the CaregiverHelp website. Click here to view: CaregiverHelp Video Courses

If you’d like to speak with Elaine about creating a caregiver support program for your group, call her at 503-949-2464

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