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Creative Indifference

Attitude of Creative Indifference

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Why am I Angry?

understanding caregiver anger

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The 3 F’s of Flipping Out

Fatigue, Fear and Frustration.

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Managing Anger

manage anger and stress.

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strategies to cope with caergiver guilt

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strategies to overcome depression

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understanding and coping with grief

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Dementia Issue

Sex, Violence and, Dementia Issues

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Self Care

self-care tips that reduce stress

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Word of the Day

your daily dose of inspiration

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Caregiver Help Blog

Written by Elaine K Sanchez, Caregiver Help Word of the Day gives caregivers a regular dose of inspiration and support. The practical wisdom comes from Elaine’s own experiences as a caregiver. The humor and compassion come from her heart.


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“Caregiverhelp provides a unique and valuable set of resources for family and professional caregivers.”
Rob Winningham, Ph.D
Ms. Elaine became a soothing voice in my ear every night before going to sleep! I recommend her videos to family members and professional caregivers alike!
Betty Ann Petit Khan, Caregiver Atlanta, GA
This website is a source of wisdom, strength, comfort, and encouragement. Many of the videos are highly entertaining, which is so helpful when we need a laugh and some perspective.
Linda Nelson, Caregiver, Salem, OR
Elaine speaks with vast experience, and I always look forward to reading whatever she writes. Very professional and very human. She stands out like a beacon in a storm.
Derek Fisher House Manager for Jewish Blind and Disabled, London, England
This website makes each step of the caregiver’s experience a little kinder with the mix of knowledge, experience, and levity this difficult journey requires,
Charles Schoenfeld, Author, Speaker

Letter From Madelyn the BookLetters from Madelyn

Chronicles of a Caregiver 2nd Edition

by Elaine K. Sanchez

Overcome the Emotional Stress of Caregiving & Avoid Caregiver Burnout.

Caregiver Videos that…

Touch the Heart

Watch: “Grandpa Stan & the Laundry Lady”

Real-life caregiving stories like “Grandpa Stan and the Laundry Lady” demonstrate that every person, regardless of age, disability, or disposition, is still worthy of compassion and respect

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Caregiver Videos that…

Tickle the Funny Bone

Watch: “Sex, Dementia & Humor – Part 1, The Avis Affair”

Because Elaine knows that caregiving is just too difficult to take seriously all of the time, she uses storytelling and humor to help people understand and cope with the stress of caring for those who can no longer care for themselves

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Caregiver Videos that…

Inform and Educate

Watch: “Guilt What A Trip”

Entertaining animated videos provide a step-by-step process that helps people develop an “Attitude of Creative Indifference” toward caregiver anger, guilt, depression and grief

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