“So God, What are WE going to do today?”


Part keynote, part one-woman play, author and caregiver speaker, Elaine K Sanchez shares her mother’s spiritual journey through six-and-a-half years of caring for her husband following his debilitating stroke. Inspired by the letters in her unflinchingly honest and surprisingly funny book, “Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver,”  Elaine takes viewers on a pilgrimage that begins at a point of lightning-strike irreverence. It progresses through Madelyn’s exploration into metaphysics, Eastern religions, flower essence and the practice of Reiki, and it ends with her developing a profound, personal, and trusting relationship with God.

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. . . A Caregiver’s Spiritual Journey through Love, Loss, and Life.




This presentation is a real-life exploration of faith while caring for a loved one through decline and death. There are stages of anger, confusion, and depression intertwined with moments of discovery, enlightenment, and pure joy. It will appeal to people who have an open mind, an inquiring spirit, and a compassionate heart. Madelyn’s experience proves that there are, indeed, many roads to Damascus and that with grace, courage, and faith, we can find the strength to face almost any challenge.

Video Excerpts: “So God, What are WE going to do today?”

Reviews: “So God, What are WE going to do today?”

“So God, what are WE going to do today?” with another Chaplain at Meridian Park Hospital. We are all impressed with the presentation, wealth of knowledge, gift of sharing and the fact your ministry can be taken to any environment/culture without offense.
Chaplain Carol Rhodes, Legacy Meridian Park Hospital, Tualatin, OR

Elaine brings to life the voice of her mother Madelyn, a Kansas farm wife, and her six years of caring for her husband after his stroke. She speaks words of wisdom about caregiving, about love, about life, about suffering and death. Filled with bits of common sense that will astound you with their insights, Elaine’s delightful, easy delivery brings her mother from the kitchen in Kansas right into your living room.

Some of my favorite quotes: “When a person commits to a life of marriage and parenthood, your time of living your life for yourself is OVER, for ever.”

“God will only do for you what He can do through you.”

“Life is a journey, not a picnic.”

The Very Rev. Hollinshead T. Knight, San Francisco, CA
What a strong, vulnerable, opinionated, and open person Madelyn must have been! To use the challenge of her husband’s illness to deepen her connections to her spirituality and her God is impressive and awe-inspiring.

All of us can learn from what Madelyn had to say. And it’s a good thing that I wasn’t in the audience during the live presentation, because watching the DVD, I was often laughing loudly at what Madelyn wrote and how Elaine presented it.

Carl Moseley, Salem, OR
Hearing Madelyn’s stories about her journey as a caregiver to Quentin was so heartwarming! I laughed and I cried not only feeling Madelyn’s daily dilemmas, but also seeing the reality of my life in taking care of my mother. From Madelyn I have learned that it’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be mad, but having faith and love will give you comfort. I am now putting a daily journal together so I will have something to look back on when my own caregiving journey ends.
Windie Carroll
With loving humor, Elaine leads us into compassionate understanding of care-giving—and a glimpse of our own mortality and end-of-life possibilities. I am enriched and hopeful!
Jinx Brandt
This remarkable video is poignant and funny, insightful, and beautifully delivered. The letters written by a caregiver shine the light on the tremendous effort it takes every day to provide ongoing care when a loved one is in failing health. Madelyn’s conversations with God are deeply inspirational. I found myself remembering the times I have been in that role and how much Madelyn’s letters would have meant to me in my daily efforts. As importantly, I was touched by my ability to apply these lessons on caregiving to other challenges in my life. I’m so grateful that Elaine brought Madelyn’s words to life for us in a masterful presentation.
Jennifer Olson

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