Letters From Madelyn – Weekly Podcast


Host: Elaine K. Sanchez

During the 6 1/2 years my mother cared for my dad following his debilitating stroke, she wrote letters to me in which she expressed everything she was experiencing and exactly how she felt about it.

Letters From MadelynSeveral years into her caregiving experience, Mom wrote and said, “I wish I had been keeping a journal all of these years. I think it would be really interesting to see how I have grown and changed mentally and spiritually. I also think my experiences could help others who are going through a similarly difficult time.”

That sentence gave me the permission I needed to share her journey with you. I edited her letters into the book. “Letters from Madelyn” and published it in 2007. I am now delighted to have the opportunity to share her story with you in an audio format. I read the letters in my mother’s voice (as I still hear it in my head).

People often tell me that Madelyn gives them permission to be human. I hope you will listen to her story with an open mind and a compassionate heart.