Find Yourself Another Servant

This video is an excerpt from a presentation about spirituality and caregiving that I delivered at the Oregon Episcopal Church Women’s Conference last summer. It is based on my book, “Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver.”

My mother’s faith in a loving and benevolent God gave her the emotional and physical strength to care for my dad for six-and-a-half years even though her own body was failing. She prayed every day that she would be a willing channel for God’s love and caring. Some days she succeeded. Some days she felt like telling God to go find himself another servant.

As all caregivers are aware, no matter how much you want to be patient and loving, there are days when your good intentions become overwhelmed by the Three “F’s of Flipping Out: Fatigue, Fear, and Frustration.

I think God understands this, and I believe God appreciates everything every caregiver does to help make life a little more manageable and pleasant for those who cannot take care of themselves.

Since I rarely have the opportunity to share the spiritual part of my mother’s caregiving journey,  we recorded the presentation.  If you’d like details on how to order the DVD, please click here: “So God, what are WE going to do today?”