I had my camera in hand at the beach this weekend when a great dane approached our two-year old granddaughter from behind. As you can see from the little photo essay below, Leah wasn’t the least bit scared or intimidated.

Almost everything and everyone is bigger than Leah. She just accepts that. If something scares her or if she needs help, she cries and we all come running.

It’s such a simple concept, and it works really well for her. I think it can work for me too! Here are the three lessons I took away from Leah’s encounter with the big dog:

1. Accept the fact that I will encounter situations that are bigger than me every single day.

2. Trust that it will all work out.

3. Believe that help is always available, and be willing to ask for it.

Life isn’t always easy, but if we can develop the faith of a child, it might be a little less stressful.