Letters from Madelyn – Epilogue
“Life After Caregiving”

Elaine and Alex Sanchez, co-founders CaregiverHelp.comIt takes some time to adjust to life after caregiving, but as impossible as it seems, life will go on.

Several years ago I heard a sermon that really got my attention. The minister said, “You never know where you are in your life story. You may be close to the beginning. You may be somewhere in the middle, or you may be very, very close to the end.”

When I wrote the original epilogue to “Letters from Madelyn” in 2007, I had no idea that I would end up developing a new career speaking and writing about caregiving. I would have never guessed that Alex and I would create CaregiverHelp.com, our video-based caregiver support program. When I recorded the audio book in 2013, I realized that my life’s story has changed so much since I originally edited and published Mom’s letters that I had to write a new ending to the book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed “Letters from Madelyn”, I also hope you will remember that caregiving is one of the most incredibly difficult and generous acts of love any of us will ever perform on behalf of another.

When it’s over, you will realize that you have been stronger, you have been smarter, you have been braver, and you have given more than anyone could have ever asked or expected. That might be hard to grasp right now, but someday you will look at this experience in hindsight, and I’m pretty sure, like Madelyn, you will realize that when your challenges were the greatest, you were also experiencing phenomenal mental and spiritual growth. I hope you will also discover that it is possible to find joy and happiness in your life after caregiving comes to an end.

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