My son Robert is getting married on Saturday. His bride’s mother and brother have come from Ohio for the wedding and they are staying with us.

Nothing like a wedding and out-of-state company to motivate a person to get organized! I have a tendency to accumulate stacks of papers around my desk, on top of the kitchen counter, and if I’m being totally honest, on most other flat surfaces. Over the last several months I had been so busy with teaching, writing and speaking engagements that I had let the stacks get precariously tall. Our yard needed attention, and my closets were a cluttered mess. Did I mention the various containers in the refrigerator that had long since passed their “sell by” dates?

I went on a big organizing kick. I sorted, I filed, and I pitched, and now that it’s done, I feel lighter. Decluttering the space around me has made me more appreciative of my home. Physical organization has never been my strong suit, and perfection is certainly not my goal, but I am going to make an effort to keep my working environment (and my refrigerator) a little less cluttered. When things are orderly, it reduces frustration and gives a person a feeling of control. Feeling like you have a little control when you are dealing with multiple situations, people and events over which you will never have any influence, power or authority, is a good thing!