IMG_1223Yesterday Alex turned a corner. The injection he got in his spine on Friday finally quelled the pain. He’s now able to walk, sleep and move with only a minimal amount of discomfort. Last night we were talking about this whole experience, and he said, “It’s been so hard for me to be the care receiver and to not be able to do even the simplest things for myself.” He also said he felt badly that it had been so hard on me.

I don’t feel sorry for myself at all. Rather, I feel extraordinarily lucky. We have been through a very stressful time, but Alex is worthy of all of my time, attention, effort and love.

I wish all caregivers were as fortunate. I am grateful that I’ve had the ability to care for my husband when he needed me most. I’m thankful that I could do it out of love rather than out of obligation.

From my perspective, it’s been a lot harder on him than it has on me, and I would so much rather be the one giving help than the one needing it.