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Caregiver Survival Training

Caregiver SOS Radio Hosts Carol Zernail and Ron AaronI was invited to be a guest on the Caregiver SOS Radio show hosted by Carol Zernail and Ron Aaron. The show is based in San Antonio, Texas and presented by the WellMed Charitable Foundation. Carol and Ron are both engaging and entertaining hosts, and they are extremely knowledgeable about the difficult issues all caregivers face. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.

We talked about how editing my mother’s letters into the book, “Letters from Madelyn, Cronicles of a Caregiver” inspired my desire to help other people who are caring for loved ones who are aged, chronically ill or disabled. I also described how my mother’s “Attitude of Creative Indifference” become the foundation of our video-based caregiver support website:

Caregiver SOS Radio airs every Sunday. During their live one-hour show, they discuss health and wellness issues that are important to seniors and their families. If you’d like to listen to a podcast of my interview, click on the link below.

Caregiver Survival Training

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