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Caregiver Support for Managing Anger

Step 1 of Caregiver Support for Managing Anger

Watch Intro to Managing Caregiver Anger

Introducing an action plan to help caregivers manage anger and stress.

The three videos in the module “Managing Caregiver Stress” provide strategies for dealing with the anger and stress associated with caring for individuals who are aging, disabled or suffering with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other progressive and degenerative diseases.

Step number 3

Watch: “Madelyn Gets Mad”

Elaine Sanchez reenacts a “Letter from Madelyn” about caregiver anger.

Caregivers get angry. They get angry at the disease, at their care receivers, at family members, the medical community and insurance companies. They get angry at people, situations and events over which they have no control.

This is one of several videos about caregiver anger on CargiverHelp.com, a video-based support program developed by Elaine K Sanchez and Dr. Alex A Sanchez. For more information on dealing with caregiver anger, visit their website at www.CaregiverHelp.com.

Step Number 4

Watch: “Managing Caregiver Anger”

How to develop an action plan to manage caregiver anger and stress.

Caregivers get angry. They get angry with the disease, with their care receivers, with the medical community, insurance companies, siblings, friends, and children. The number of people, situations and events over which they have little or no control is practically limitless.

The question is not whether caregivers will get mad, the question is how they choose to deal with stress and anger.

If you are caring for someone with a dementia-related disease, it helps to remember that the disease is in control, not the patient. Try to stay calm when they display challenging behaviors. Getting involved in a caregiver support group can provide a safe place to vent your anger because you’ll be with other people who are having similar experiences and will understand what you’re going through.

Step 5

Action Step - Getting Started