caregiver stressUnless you have cared for someone who is aged, ill, or living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia-related disease, it’s hard to imagine how difficult it is to be a caregiver. Caregiver stress can cause physical ailments, and it can often lead to depression.

Developing a strategy for coping with the stress associated with caregiving may help you maintain the physical, mental, and emotional strength you will need to do this over an extended period of time.

For the first few years my mother cared for my dad following his debilitating stroke, she worked hard to maintain what she called a “detached” attitude. She said finding her own happiness and peace from within allowed her stay detached from her physical existence  and still allow her to do what had to be done to provide my dad with a relative amount of peace and comfort.

Her “detached” attitude gradually evolved into what she called, “An Attitude of Creative Indifference.” I’d like to invite you to read about this in an article I wrote for Please click here to read: How to Cope with Caregiver Stress